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Training Needs - Limited Budgets:

In every business, new employees need training. At Page Publications, we develop and publish self-study accounting, office operations and internal control training materials for franchising corporations and trade associations. 

Our clients, franchising corporations and trade associations typically already have  training departments serving their employees, franchisees and association members.  However, in these days of limited training  budgets, training dollars are  prioritized toward sales and sales management training, rather than for back office employees.

However, these back office employees also need training, even though the training budget designated for accounting and clerical employees may be either very small or non-existent. Additionally, the skills and knowledge needed to write sales and sales management courses are significantly different than those needed to write accounting and clerical training courses. 


Limited Budget - No Problem:

Typically, training course developers work on a fixed-fee or hourly rate basis which is paid by the corporate training department. However, while some clients prefer we work on a fee basis, some clients have engaged us on a revenue-sharing basis. We become, in effect, training partners with our clients, earning our money in an on-going commission or royalty payment basis. If our training materials don't sell to our clients' association members or franchisees, we don't earn our commission/royalties.

We think this either/or approach to training materials development allows maximum flexibility for both Page Publications and the client.

Mutual Benefit + Mutual Risk = Win-Win: 

Our clients/training partners have engaged Page Publications because we look for long-term, ongoing arrangements  where we handle the accounting and clerical training tasks under the direction and editorial guidance of their own training departments. 

Our customers/partnersí training departments continue to develop world-class quality courses in sales, management and even financial statement analysis. They look to us to develop courses to their specifications for the accounting and clerical employees of their franchisees or association members. They win, we win. 

If you are looking for a solution to your accounting and clerical training needs, why not call or e-mail me? We have the experienced staff and resources to develop and produce custom training materials to meet your needs. Let's see if we can find a mutually satisfactory way to do business together.  

Robert L. Page, MBA, CPA
Page Publications, LLC